Abstract Submission

A two-page abstract, consisting of one page text and one page figures, in PDF format, should be emailed to iwce@eei.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp no later than February 24, 2013.  A confirmation email, acknowledging receipt of the abstract and containing the assigned abstract number, will be sent to the corresponding author within 2 business days of submission.  

The following information should be included in the e-mail:
  1. Presenting author's full name and affiliation
  2. Paper title
  3. Preference for oral or poster presentation
  4. Student or not a student
Authors are encouraged to use the templates below to prepare their submissions:

If you choose not to use the templates, the following formatting requirements still apply: 

  1. Page size: A4 (210 mm by 297 mm)
  2. The abstract should contain a title, a full list of authors, affiliations, email address of the corresponding author, text (in-line references; section headings optional), bibliography (Phys Rev format plus title), and figures. 
  3. Font: Times New Roman; title 24 pt font; main text 11 pt font single spacing; figure captions 9 pt 
  4. Front matter (title, authors, and affiliations) should be single column;  main text, figures, and references should be double column
  5. Margins: ideally  35 mm (top), 30 mm (bottom) and 20 mm (left/right) but some flexibility is acceptable
  6. No page numbers

All students will automatically be considered for the Best Student Paper Award.  The winners will receive a certificate and a singed copy of the Basic Semiconductor Physics by Chihiro Hamaguchi.

Accepted abstracts will be collected in a Book of Abstracts, available at the conference.  
The Book of Abstracts is copyrighted by Society for Micro- and Nanoelectronics and has been assigned ISBN: 978-3-901578-26-7.